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Playing AC: Black Flag, now. Welp.

I will never forgive Ubisoft for making this story about this white man instead of about Toussant L’Overture and the Haitian Revolution

..You should at least play the DLC Freedom Cry, which stars Adewale a Trinidad ex-slave turned assassin who helps free slaves. Lot of people actually preferred his story over the main campaign

Nah. Cus he’s a DLC. Which means I have to pay an extra fee to play what should have been the main storyline….


Requiring students to learn about race is crucial… necessary even. But I also think it’s necessary that we tell students very directly that their coursework alone won’t earn them any social justice gold stars. We need to be more explicit when establishing safe spaces in classrooms where race is being discussed: ”safe spaces” should not mean spaces where students can say racist things and be absolved of blame. They should be safe spaces for marginalized voices. White guilt, white tears, and white saviorism have no place in these classrooms. We need to teach students not to just understand what the master’s tools and the master’s house are, but what they mean.

Most of all, we need to recognize the limitations of academics. We need to teach students to listen, to be vulnerable and admit fault. Academics can fuel action. I consider all of my friends to be fiercely intelligent. They’re thoughtful and well-educated, and profess to be progressive. But some of them are also the kind of people who remain silent over Israel’s attacks on Gaza, worried that speaking out could hurt their job prospects. Because American individualism seems to be one lesson universities struggle to unteach.

A degree can’t be used as proof that you “understand my struggle.” A degree can’t be used as a shield against criticism. Most of all, a degree can’t be used as a weapon to invalidate my lived experiences. How can a piece of paper on a wall weigh more than the burden I carry just for existing as a woman of color? Your degree counts for something, but it’s not enough.

- "I Have a Cultural Studies Degree" is the new "I Have Black Friends" by Kayla Kumari Upadhyaya (via queer-filam-artivism)





That’s something I literally can’t get over. How plantations aren’t viewed as sites of genocide and as representative of some of the most extreme evil humanity has ever done. 

You can visit a plantation and they won’t even talk about slavery. It’s common to get married on plantations.

Being a Californian this was all very off-putting to me when I visited Georgia. I love Black people and Black culture in the South but it’s still the South. 

its because we’re fucking ashamed of what we did yeah we should probably talk about it more but why is it a big deal for people to get married on plantations?!??! yall know we dont still have slaves right?? yeah the south is still pretty racist, (we’re working on it), but if we were to shun EVERYTHING that used to be racist/ driven my slavery down here there would be nothing left.
So yeah. Lets work on acknowledging our past failures and shortcomings but let’s also move on to a better future where people can get married wherever they want

You ask: What is wrong with getting married on a slave plantation? 

Let me ask you a question: Do you want to get married at a concentration camp? Because that’s the same exact thing in terms of getting married at a place where terrible acts against humanity occured.

You’re a slavery apologist. I didn’t mention anything about shunning Black history. Of course, I don’t agree with that.

During my trip to Georgia I was looking forward to visiting a plantation and learning the truth about the vicious and inhumane way my ancestors were treated only to discover that these aren’t memorials for former slaves and slavery survivors but feel good locations (white) people rent out for parties including wedding receptions.

People can marry wherever they want (well I somehow doubt you can get married at Auschwitz). But nobody should *want* to get married on a plantation. THAT is the issue. 

The way plantations are treated tell so much about the mindset of America when it comes to Black folks. 

Bucky’s all “I don’t give a fuck about the hell Black slaves went through. I WANNA GET MARRIED AT A PLANTATION AND DARKIES ARE TRYNA MAKE ME FEEL BAD! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!”